7 Ways To Ease Your Transition

"Transition” is a popular word for many of us—especially in the international world.

Whether we are moving home, or shifting to a new post, starting a new program, or taking a leave of some sort for a time, transition is inescapable.

Transitions can bring stress, sometimes illness, adjustment issues of depression or anxiety, or all of the above. 

If you are in a time of transition, you may need to call on your reserves for extra strength and fortitude to withstand the mental, physical and emotional challenges that lie ahead.

Now more than ever, it's time to look at how we live.

Here are some suggestions for healthy living in honor of those “transitioning” … 

1) Watch your intake. Eating for comfort can be tempting during times of stress.
Don’t do it! Eating unhealthy foods can cause unnecessary sugar highs and lows that cause sluggishness, robbing the body of the necessary energy to withstand change. Search for healthy proteins, fruits and vegetables to bring your body optimal energy.

2) Establish or continue your exercise regime. If you are a gym person, find the next gym. Runners, find that 3-5 mile loop. Find your yoga studio. Set up that treadmill at home. Exercising is not only energizing but it establishes the correct balance of serotonin that staves off depression and balances the adrenaline associated with stress.

3) Find ways to establish rituals right away. Find your favorite chair to sip that first cup of coffee. Read your favorite prayers. Read a book to your kids out loud, every morning or evening. Find your Sunday brunch spot.

4) Take time to get to know the new local beauty around you. Visit public parks or historical sites nearby to get a sense of where you are. Getting to know your new surroundings will provide a sense of geographical grounding and centeredness.

5) Find an established group to connect with as soon as you land. If you are a worshipper, find your Synagogue. Find your Church; find your Mosque. If you are a community organizer or developer, get to know what is happening around you and find ways to become involved. 

6) Pay attention. Notice your emotions. Notice your bodily responses. Notice the missing. Notice the desire to feel at home, to belong. Embrace it.

7) Remember to keep things in perspective. While transition and change can be difficult, the waves of grief and stress ebb and flow, and — eventually fade. What you experience now in the height of your transition stress will not last forever. Remind yourself that you’ve done this once, and you can do this again. 

Finally, remember to shower yourself with grace.
Be good to yourself, and be kind to those around you.

If you are feeling the need to connect with some support during this time, I welcome you to contact me here.

May you receive everything you need during this season….

And, as always, 
Best wishes for a life well lived.