Saying Goodbye: 12 Things I Pray

I've had the honor of working with hundreds of beautiful men and women in the Atlanta area face to face for close to five years now.

Due to an upcoming transition, at this time, my work is shifting toward serving people across the globe.

Some clients have chosen to stay connected through Skype, phone call and email. Others will move on.

Whether we continue to work together or not, here is what I know;

I am grateful.

I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me.

I am moved, beyond measure, by your courage and your strength.

I am proud of you. 

I pray, when I am gone;

You will find someone who tells you:

1) You are stronger than you think you are.

2) You are beautiful.

3) You are worthy of being loved.

4) You can find God in the air you breathe.

5) You can find the will and the way to stay in your marriage.

6) You have a deep reservoir of wisdom, deep within youYou just need the key.

7) You don’t have to be like everyone else; you are beautiful and unique and perfect, just the way you are.

8) You have the power to transform your darkest thoughts.

9) It’s ok to take medication when you are suffering.

10) You have a destiny. There is a reason that you are here, now.

11) Above all else, place love first. Learn to love with selfless abandon.

12) If you release the judgments that you make about yourself, your loved ones, and even those who have sinned against you...

you can, and will be healed.