When was the last time you confronted your depression? Living with anxiety or depression can be difficult and painful. One should never deny that either exist. There are times we must lean into our pain so we can see more clearly how to move forward and get to the other side. Yet sometimes, the "leaning in" --taken to the extreme--may just cause a tendency toward rumination, which can lead to deeper pain and hopelessness. The next time you hit an episode, instead of crawling into bed, or perhaps even pulling out your journal to "process", consider donning your cowboy boots.

Here, a poem about a woman who confronts her depression as a familiar acquaintance who comes knocking on her door each morning, uninvited. 


When hopeless and despair

are the first to come and knock

at your door 

in the morning,

What do you do?

This morning, she couldn’t make herself run.

But as she ventured out


to walk

the city streets,

She said this much,

Good morning 

hopelessness and despair.

Give me one minute...

I just need to grab 


so I can kick you BOTH

in the ***