Gratitude: What you might not know

Whether you deal with depression or not—this is just a reminder of something you already know:

The work of gratitude is always before us.

It’s not just a once a year thing we do at Thanksgiving. 

My kids know this "work" of gratitude well. This morning I was a bit grumpy. Everyone seemed to be in my way.  As I groused about the kitchen, complaining about my lack of access to the silverware drawer, my youngest would call out every few seconds: “Mom! WHAT are you grateful for!?”

And I softened.

Here’s what you may not know: 

The research shows that it’s the searching that changes us.  As the brain performs the act of recalling memory to look for and search out those positive items to be "grateful for", the brain's chemistry literally shifts.

And when we say shift, we mean from sadness to joy.

The searching.

So today, tomorrow, and the next…when your <smarter than you> daughter asks you; What are you grateful for?

May you be blessed in the searching…

And ultimately, the knowing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.