Finding Your Center

Our lives are filled with a constant barrage of people and things that demand our attention.The daily pressures of family and work life can consume our peace of mind as easily as they consume our energy.  Is it possible yet to find our “center” amidst our chaos?

Life is short. Precious. Every moment counts. Which is why now, more than ever, we need to be operating from a place of intention.

Learning how to access that place of “centeredness” that lives deep within--is an invaluable asset to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Not only for us, but for the people we serve.

And the answer is: yes. We can.

Here are 4 steps to becoming more centered today.

1) Notice where you are, now. Accept it. Instead of fighting the stress, notice it. Stop fighting. Say to yourself, I am just where I need to be, right now. Even if it’s messy.

2) Next: read some inspirational material: a sacred text, or an encouraging meditation.

3) For five minutes, allow space for silence without reading, prayer or thought. Allow one word or phrase to come to you, either from your sacred reading, or from a still, knowing place of wisdom deep within.

3) Begin to pay attention to your breath. Sit quietly and breathe for five minutes. Ask yourself and your spirit center this question: what do I need to be about today? After listening, jot it down or make a mental note of any phrase or image that comes to mind.

4) Go outside. Watch and listen-- and walk, not run. Take in what you see, allowing new thoughts to come to you as you move.

When you return from the outdoors, assimilate. Write yourself a note, make an intention, say a prayer. Solidify, in some way, what you received during your time of meditation and centering today.

If you’ve attempted all of the above, you should have a sense of clarity. If things still feel a bit fuzzy, it’s important to remember that “becoming centered” may take practice. It will take time.

Ideally, you will want to regularly repeat these steps daily. The more you practice, the clearer your intentions will become.

At the end of the day, your best moments will be those lived fully, in the moment, allowing yourself to become immersed in what your task is at any given moment--and resisting the urge to brew over the past or worry about the future. Whether it be spending time cultivating your spiritual connection, or listening to a child tell you about her day, or learning to sit with the pain of your loss until it passes, your attending to the moment will be your anchor.

Your attending to the present will be the guiding light that leads you back to what you hold dear, and, ultimately, to celebrate and center on what is most important, and most precious.