For years now my husband and I have participated in various good works of healing. Not because we have to, but because we want to. Because we feel led and called to be a part of the world’s healing. We have held counseling sessions, raised money to build homes, led small and large groups of worship and prayer and study. We have written songs; and we have traveled across the globe to pray for the world.

These are all good things. But now, we’ve come to a place where we sense from many–a hunger and need for community. Maybe we sense it because we feel it too.

We have noticed over the years, above all other works, the healing power that comes from sharing food at our table.

We recently said goodbye to an incredible brother and friend who left our town to go back to his hometown. As we spent time with him at the table, we discovered that in the six months of his employment at a church, ours was the only home he had been invited into. To eat. The only one. How can this happen?

We’ve noticed how lingering at the table provides a shelter from the storms of the soul. We have seen and heard how fear of the future can turn into hope while sharing a plate of pasta or a bowl of soup with another person at the table.

Now, it is our desire come closer…nearer to the heart of what truly matters.

We can pray, Yes. Jesus is the true Bread of Life. We love this concept, and believe in it. And mostly likely, if you come to our table, we will pray with you and for you. But we believe that we cannot survive this world without human love, without belonging, without earthly food, shared, face to face.

And so, we want to share our table with you.